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Soot removers for smoke tube boilers

Insert the Ferret machine into the tube and the machine automatically propels itself forwards and backwards – nothing could be simpler!
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We have developed the Wibrox® series of brushes for the Ferret machine. They are available in various hardnesses for practically all tube dimensions.
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Cleaning with sound

Increase efficiency and save energy through continual cleaning of hot surfaces.
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Rotary desooting cutter for tubular boilers

This rotary tool, attached to a conventional electric drill, is a highly effective tool for the removal of soot deposits in small tubular boilers.
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O2 regulation of boilers

Optimal combustion and less environmental impact through measurement of oxygen content in flue gases.
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OC 2016

ODPM 2000 – combined particle monitor and smoke detector.

The combined particle monitor and smoke detector ODPM 2000 measures particle, dust and smoke concentrations and complies with the regulatory requirements of most countries.
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ODPM 2000

Cleaning with compressed air

Air Shock Lance N1 is used for maximum cleaning with compressed air.
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