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Quality and Environmental Policy


Kastrup & Genberg AB is an engineering and trading company that develops and markets products for boilers and for cleaning pipes. We develop our own products, and are also agents and distributors for other companies. Our most significant environmental impact comes from advising customers.

For us, quality is satisfying our stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
For the customers, the quality must be such that it constitutes a significant reason for making a purchase. This must be achieved using relevant and effective goals as well as procedures that are ensured through continuous updates and improvements.

As our products contribute to a significant reduction in emissions from incineration plants and provide lower energy consumption through greater efficiency, we must continuously improve these products and bring them to market. Historically, our products have been used in large boilers, but we are now also developing products for small boilers that improve the environment. Through informative instructions we will also ensure that the products are used optimally.

We will apply a margin with regard to the current legislation, both regionally and internationally.

Through continuous information and training we will make all affected parties aware of their options of contributing to quality and environmental objectives within our business.

This quality and environmental policy applies to Kastrup & Genberg AB as a member of Södertälje Quality and Environmental Group

Alexander Frygelius
Kastrup & Genberg AB