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ODPM 2000 – combined particle monitor and smoke detector 


The combined particle monitor and smoke detector ODMP 2000 measures particle, dust and smoke concentrations and complies with the regulatory requirements of most countries.

The ODPM 2000 particle monitor measures and shows the current applicable concentration in mg/m3 on a digital display. On the same display, the ODPM 2000 smoke detector show the current applicable concentration as a value between 0 and 100%, or as an optical density between 0 and 999.

Measuring principle 

A ray of visible light is transmitted through the air in the measuring channel. A measurement is then made of how much of this light disappears when passing through the contaminated air. The light that is missing is shown as a smoke value between 0 and 100%, an optical density between 0 and 999 or converted when the flow is constant, to a direct display in mg/m3 air by a microprocessor. Because the light is measured before and after passage through the media, measurements are not influenced by ambient light. Stable readings can thus be attained regardless of external interference.


No moving parts
Minimal maintenance
Robust and hermetically sealed transmitter and receiver units
Attractive and compact design
Analogue, communications and alarm outputs
Low price